Assignment day is the day when students of Ember randomly receive the jobs they will have, usually for the rest of there life, although it might be changed at Evaluation Day. Edit

Procedure Edit

During the last day of the last grade of school, children at the City of Ember school will be given an assignment, which is chosen from a patched-up bag. The current mayor holds a bag full of slips of paper, each with a different assignment. One student at a time will stand up and select an assignment. The assignment chosen will be the student's new place of work for three years, although trading assignments with another is possible. I saved this page because someone wrote this is a gay copy of Wikipedia. And that’s bad

Known Assignments Edit

The assignments given are sorted into three categories designed by the book's characters: Good jobs, Normal Jobs, and Bad Jobs.

"Great yippy! U got one of these! Have fun while ur friends get the bad ones.(^J^)}'' Edit

The Best...

  • Messenger {run around all day and get cramps.}
  • Electrician's Helper {ummmmmmm ur under ground and fixing some big machine. wts so good about that?}
  • Greenhouse Helper {this job smell good. Fresh air. Imagine that.}
  • Store keeper{why is this here?!}
  • Mayor This is boring and well its awesome cuz ur incharge of the city!}🎓+😈=mayor.

Normal... Edit

  • Doctor's Assistant [honestly I think this is one of the worst. you get 2 see peoples insides.] :-(
  • Building Repair Assistant {ow. you can drop a hammer on ur foot.}
  • Shopkeeper [boooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnngggggggg. Thats all i have to say. thank you.}
  • Guard {i mean, its not that bad. You can get hurt though.}
  • Supply Depot Clerk {have fun sitting around a bunch of food u cant eat.}
  • Supply Depot Carrier {u carrie food u cant eat.} (but what if u eat it will u die!?!?)


  • Pipework Laborer (gets you dirty and is laborious +es you get to look for sketchy rooms with secrets.)
  • Trash Sifter (is smelly and makes you reek. +es not really any except for the wondrous view of the unknown regions.)
  • Mold Scraper (boring and pointless.+es not really any.)
  • Timekeeper's Assistant (gets you dirty. smudged and is really hard. needs a mind of mechanics. +es you get strong and not much else.)
  • Cart Puller ( waste your time pulling junk. Just call Cart-puller-9906! :-D +es there ain't any.) (oooo I’ll make sure to call) skirt skirt :-3hello my mnxnmdmdxmdnammmmeee is jeff,nb 5 cjvifrgotgigit9toitkgkokogkokorkorkorkforforkoekoekokoefeopkepofkepfkpfkpfkfeofropfkerpofkropkepkofpo fkokepofkerpofkerrpofkepokeopkopkpokeforkfporekfporkpokpoekfopekfpoekfoperrkropekfopfkrofkepokofk rkfoekfopkfopekfofkoerfkorfkpefkpokropfkopfkofkpofkekrofkropfkreopkoongj5844444njgjgjgrijgrigjigjgjrgirjgirjgijgigjigjiogjeiogjeiogjregjojergre
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  • Assignment days have many good jobs, and others may have bad jobs. The year 241 could be considered a good year, even though a few bad jobs were mixed in.
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