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After another week or so of editing, I'm planning to adopt this wiki. It has a few inappropriate pages, as well as pages that have nothing to do with the City of Ember. It has become a hub for vandalizers, and the last admin edited back in 2008, which was about 12 years ago. I plan to make the main page better, promote some more users, and add things to the top navigation.

The City of Ember is one of my favorite book series', and it's very disappointing to see this wiki abandoned, and filled with duplicate pages and weird pages about gaming and such.

I would like to improve the wiki so it can attract more users and readers alike. By the time I adopt this wiki, I hope to have 50 edits minimum. I have done much research on being an admin…

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Hpkreator103 Hpkreator103 25 June 2020

Cole’s last speech

I am Mayor of Ember. I always will be,fools. Always.
The Egress is a lie. A fool lie of the dissenters and Believers. They wish to undermine me. They will not! No one will,or can!
The law the Builders sent imbues me with all power. I invoke the law-power against the fool Communists, who wish freedom. Freedom is a lying joke! A tool for the unwashed,poor,inferior masses!
Did you really think I would help you? Ha! I only said it for votes! I don't care about your stinking selves! You only exist to serve your City and your Mayor! You will serve,or die! No one opposes me and lives!
Guards! Remember the list? Kill with gunfire all the individuals named on it. Now!

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Theprotecterofwikis Theprotecterofwikis 5 June 2019

Hi People

This is a very old wiki, and only one blog post. People come to this wiki to ruin it, but not me.

This wiki has a very poor monitering sytem, and bearly anyone checks it, but I'll protect it. I'll protect every small wiki I can find!

-the unofficial protecter of wikis.

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Cheriedurbin Cheriedurbin 29 September 2013

The City of Ember

Well, look what book I'm currently reading!

That's's The City of Ember (and I like it!).

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