Evaleen Murdo is the second guardian of Lina and Poppy as well as their neighbor in Ember. She used to own a stationery store before paper supplies ran low. She is described as being brisk and businesslike, but also very kind. She is like a mother to Lina and Poppy and cares about them very much. At mealtimes, she gives them good food and makes sure they take their vitamin pills. At the end of Book 1, Mrs. Murdo finds the message dropped into Ember by Lina and Doon. She then proceeds to share the news with all the other citizens of Ember.

Mrs. Murdo is basically the only reason that the people of Ember escaped. She remains a fairly major character throughout the rest of the series. She did take Poppy and Lina in when their grandmother passed away. She let them share a blue-green room that Lina loves and thinks that her picture of the imaginary city that was blue would look very good on the wall because the room was blue and green. The book does say that this room in Mrs. Murdo's house had a blue rug and that was one reason why Lina wanted to put her picture there.

Mrs Murdo is described as nice and kind to many of the citizens of Ember.

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