Maggs is the sister of Washton Trogg and is a shepherd as well as a roamer. However, her flock is very dingy and unhealthy and the items she finds are near useless. Maggs is the one who sold Doon the book about the diamonds meant for the people of Ember. She delivered lambs and sheep to Ember for her family, but quit later on. She has short dingy blond hair and blue eyes. She is also unable to read and write. Maggs stays with Lina for a while when she just got out of Ember in The Diamond Of Darkhold. She found the place where the original copy of the diamond was and the book about them and how to use them. Her name is similar to Minny because they bot start with M, then have double detters before the last letter in their names, they both have five letters and the second letter is a vowel in each name.