Nicole "Nickie" Randolph is the main character in the Prophet of Yonwood. When she is in Greenhaven and discovers Amanda and Otis, and eventually Amanda gives Otis to her. She has a friendship with Grover. She also doesn't like Yonwood's rules, but obeys them none the less.

During the events of the Prophet of Yonwood, Nickie's father is away from home working on a secret government project. At the end of the novel the project is revealed to be the city of Ember. Thus her father is one of "The Builders".

About fifty years after Nickie and her mother joined her father in California, international relationships have deteriorated again and war is imminent. As her father was one of the builders and she knows about growing food, Nickie is asked to go live in Ember. After hesitating for a very long time, she decides to accept the invitation thereby finishing her Goal #3: to do something good for the world. While the first generation of Ember's inhabitants is moving in, Nickie writes a diary and leaves it behind a rock which Poppy Mayfleet later finds and gives to Lina and Doon to read, which tells them the history of their city.

Personality Edit

Nickie is curious about almost everything. She investigated the 'terrorist' incident twice, and has ever-lasting friendships with Grover, Martin, and Otis, along with many others. She disobeyed rules, and saw the Prophet, and even explored Yonwood's border with Grover.