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Poppy Mayfleet is Lina Mayfleet’s younger sister.

Poppy is a supporting character in the City of Ember however she is very important. She helped Lina and Doon escape Ember by finding the instructions although nearly eating the instructions. Poppy also added a pinch of cuteness to the book and movie. Poppy can be seen as good and naughty. I have a feeling some people think that Poppy was responsible for the death of their mom. The answer is yes and no. Well this was because their mom died due to giving birth to Poppy so it was actually no one’s fault. It was also sad to see that Poppy was orphaned right from the moment she was born because their father died way before this.

Book 2: The People of Sparks[]

In this book, Poppy becomes sick. Torren, who is Doctor Hester's nephew, worries Lina by joking that Poppy has the plague. Poppy is described to be pale, and not the ball of energy that she usually was. She became a little better and a little worse, and Lina and Mrs. Murdo are by her for much of the day. Poppy, to Lina's relief, eventually gets better.