The Troggs are a family that inhabited Ember after it was abandoned. They kidnap Doon when he and Lina return to Ember.

Darkhold Edit

Believe it or not, they renamed Ember Darkhold. Soon, Lina Mayfleet and Doon Harrow journeyed into Darkhold, trying to find a way to save their town of Sparks. The Troggs had found a diamond, which they show Doon in Darkhold. When Doon escapes, he brings the diamond with him.

The Family Edit

The family members' names are Washton, Scawgo, Yorick, Minny, and Kanza. They are named after "Washton" D.C, "Scawgo," Illinois, New "Yorick," New York, "Minny"apolis, Minnesota, and "Kanza" City. The Troggs only appear in Book 4, The Diamond of Darkhold. Scawgo was renamed by Washton so his name matched the Troggs' names he got from cities he been through.

Life after DarkholdEdit

The Troggs leave Darkhold once the water stops running in the city, and apperantly join Maggs and become roamers. When they arrive in Sparks, they ask to trade their goods for matches, which the town no longer has. They recignize Doon Harrow, and ask for the diamond back. Since the Trogg's origanal Diamond was broken, they are given another diamond, as well as a garage to live in at the Pioneer.